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licky ktty

manicitalian in big_kids

children exploitation? Its events like this that assist in the 'human trafficiting'!!! What I dont understand is why CPS doesnt get involved in this?!





I also disagree with it being emotional abuse. My little girl would love to wear this for halloween (or even a pageant if we did them). Now, if she wanted to dress like a little princess with long flowy hair and I kept her with a fade and only jeans, boy's t-shirts, and sneakers I might call it emotional abuse, to a certain extent. But putting them in something they want to wear, whether it's trashy or not, is not abuse.
I guess I just believe more in like something of a 'photo' contest. Telling a little toddler that someone else is prettier than her, no matter how hard her and her mother worked is what I call mind damaging... and 90% chance that if she can afford it when she's older, she wont be able to stop with nip&tucks.
I actually found clips of behind the scenes of the specific pageant I was talking about. Most of the little girls were NOT into what the moms were making them do. They were crying, begging their moms to stop. That's the kind of crap Im talking about with emotional abuse. NOT a fun, happy, lets get dressed up for a party deal. fyi. =-(