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gaming_momma in big_kids

Bully Update

 Just to let you guys know... I found out where he lives from another kid. We went there and no one was home. But a friend did stop by to let the dogs out. I explained my situation and asked if they would let the mother know what's going on. Then today I went to the playground with my kids and waited for the bully to come around. Even better, the mom did. She was yelling at some high school boys and wouldn't talk to me. What she did say was that my son deserved it and she didn't have time for me. So at the suggestion of my mother I called the cops and an officer came out to hear what was going on. He knew exactly which house I was talking about without telling him the address. Funny huh? He tried to contact the mother and she wasn't home. He said that from what he knows of her, he probably won't get a much different response than I did. But he is going to try and get ahold of her. He said there isn't much they can do at this age. They do not press charges on playground bullying for kids under 10. He suggested I try to scare some sense in to the boy when I catch him being mean to my kids again. And if he does hurt my son again, he wants me to call the station and have a report filed so that a detective is assigned to the case to talk to the boy. 

Thank you for your suggestions and advice. 


It's so sad for that boy to have a mum like that. Let's hope the world can balance out the bully within soon, with the help of police if need be. Eww I just want to give that mum a talking to. Best to let the professionals handle it when the mother is nuts.
She's the kind of mother that's not even worth talking to. She is a C U Next Tuesday!!! I had to walk away shaking my head. Having had a brother go thru the system at a young age I know what it's like. And the younger they get scared straight, the better. The cop and I both agreed it would be great if we could get through to kid while its not too late.