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miss_anthropee in big_kids

My kids are five, three and three, and I found out today I'm pregnant again. The logistics of having four kids under the age of seven is already boggling my mind.


I have four kids, and when I had #4, the oldest was eight. I swear, I was looking for a gas oven to stick my head into. I was a major breadwinner for our family, with no way to quit doing that, and contemplating the logistics scared me to death.

(It's complicated as to why I wasn't preventing better...simplest to say that, out of love for my second husband, who only had one child himself and wanted a houseful, I'd left the 'door open,' so to speak, on having a fourth. I did not fully understand my feelings about actually walking *through* that door until I actually suspected I was pregnant.)

It has been so expensive. All I want to do is travel places, and it's impossible when you multiply by six. It's noisy and complicated.

It's wonderful. Those kids are 21, 19, 16, and now almost 13, and I would not give up any one of them. They are delightful, and all in different ways. It's chaotic, but it's beautifully so.

The logistics crises and the momentary freak shows have faded into dim memory. All I have left is a bunch of kids I can't imagine not having.

And from a juggling standpoint, I have found it to be true: the third one is the major hurdle. Once you have cleared that, it really is, 'just one more.' Kinda.

Of course, I had my third at the same time as my second, so that;s a whole 'nother can of worms, huh? lol