Bully Update

 Just to let you guys know... I found out where he lives from another kid. We went there and no one was home. But a friend did stop by to let the dogs out. I explained my situation and asked if they would let the mother know what's going on. Then today I went to the playground with my kids and waited for the bully to come around. Even better, the mom did. She was yelling at some high school boys and wouldn't talk to me. What she did say was that my son deserved it and she didn't have time for me. So at the suggestion of my mother I called the cops and an officer came out to hear what was going on. He knew exactly which house I was talking about without telling him the address. Funny huh? He tried to contact the mother and she wasn't home. He said that from what he knows of her, he probably won't get a much different response than I did. But he is going to try and get ahold of her. He said there isn't much they can do at this age. They do not press charges on playground bullying for kids under 10. He suggested I try to scare some sense in to the boy when I catch him being mean to my kids again. And if he does hurt my son again, he wants me to call the station and have a report filed so that a detective is assigned to the case to talk to the boy. 

Thank you for your suggestions and advice. 

Playground Bully

 My kids play across the street at the school playground a lot in the summertime. It's not the school my kids go to so I don't know many of the kids. We've had a few small instances before but nothing horrible. Someone tried to take my son's scooter and basketball. I scared em off and same with a kid who was swearing at the kids. But now we have a problem. There is a Grade A bully. He started by breaking my son's water gun on the pavement. Threw his baseballs on the school roof. And more recently punched him in the mouth.  I just found out about all of this when he tried to hide his fat lip telling me he had a cold sore. My son is 8. My daughter is 10 and said the same kid has been mean to her and taken or broken her things. Apparently all the kids they know at the playground are too scared to stand up to him, except for 1 6th grader who isn't always there. The bully is 7 btw. So now its my turn to confront him. His mother is never around. Otherwise I would just talk to her. My mother and my FIL said I should just call the cops and really scare him straight. But I don't know if I wanna go that far. What would you do?

When is punishment too harsh?

My son who is about to be 8 in a couple of weeks, has been getting in a lot of trouble. He is about to be kicked from the bus for the remainder of the year, which will require him switching schools because I can't drive him. He just got a write up today for acting out in class. I can't get him to listen to me at home half the time. I have tried everything. Spanking, time out, screaming, talking, taking away special items, grounding from xbox and computer, extra chores, even grounding to his room. Its not like he is bored at school. He goes to a school for academically gifted children. He has been a problem child since day 1 and this is just too much. We are considering canceling his birthday. No gift from us. No cake. Family can do what they please. But I feel like giving him a cake and gift will be like rewarding him. And his behavior has been anything but deserving. We have tried rewarding him for good behavior as well. And that doesn't work. Please Help!! Any advice or thoughts would be appreciated.
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teenage trouble

 14 yr old was living with his dad since he was 3. His dad and step mom did not teach him any responsibility. He has never done laundry, dishes, never cleaned his room, NOTHING...and i MEAN nothing! Now he has been handed to me because they cant take what they made him to be.....stuck up, arogant, sloth that knows nothing about how to grow up. this is my delema. how do teach an older dog new tricks? 

(no subject)

So after all the fights and struggles we have been through over the years, my daughter has "B" in all her subjects! Yes it is still a fight to get homework done, studying for tests & projects but things feel like they are falling into place a bit more then before.

Of course we still stumble. Just found out she has a test on Monday that was not written in the book.  So in going through her book bag & finding work that should have been turned in last week, we start again in the morning. A clean book bag and and another chance to get it right.

I find myself thinking 1 step forward & 10 back. How much longer until it is better? Where is the magic wand when I need it most? What else can I do?

I look at her face & how hard she tries and think, it will get better when it gets better no matter how long it takes.  Celebrate the successes & do not dwell on the failures, they only bring you down.

So if anyone would like to join me now & then in preforming a happy dance to celebrate the good times, then put on some music, kick off your shoes & dance like no one is watching! 

Just my thoughts.