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Nov. 2nd, 2010


(no subject)

How many children do you have? (Boys? Girls? Ages?) Three. Isabel's five, and Evan and Lucky are three.
Where do you live? (Urban? Suburban? Rural?) Suburban.
What is your school situation? Public, private, parochial? Home school - with a set curriculum or student-led? Izzy's in public school right now. We see no reason for that not to continue.
How is your child(ren)'s childhood different from yours? How is it the same? I never had twin brothers to deal with! I'm one of two. But financially we're much the same, and my kids have a Mommy and a Daddy living with them, so in that respect we're having the same experience.

I've had no computer/internet access since before the twins were born - first no real time, and when I did have time, we just couldn't afford a computer. I suppose there are internet cafes out there, but to go in with a preschooler and two babies? And expect to get anything done? It wasn't a happening thing. Now that Izzy's in school, it's easier to get around with just the boys, and my partner recently got a payrise, so financially we're in better shape than we've ever been. We splurged on a laptop for Mommy! Woo!

I'm looking to get reacquainted with LJ and make new friends, especially who know what it's like raising kids similar in age to mine. Anyone with experience with multiples would be great too!

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Oct. 6th, 2010



(no subject)

I found this episode of Frontline from 2002 last night. It's called "Inside the Teenage Brain." I remember watching it when it first aired, but it makes so much more sense now that I am actually living with the Beasts. After seeing this again, so much of what is going on around here is making a lot more sense to me.  It's a really clear and interesting analysis of the developmental changes kids are experiencing at this age. The website also has interactive exercises and methods for getting through this trying time for kids and parents.

Sep. 22nd, 2010



Free Amazon Prime for parents

Just thought i'd give fellow parents a heads up on this. Amazon is giving a free 3 month trial to all parents right now: Amazon Mom- free Amazon Prime trial

It's called Amazon Mom but it's aimed at anyone who takes care of a child. For those unfamiliar with Amazon Prime, it is a service that usually costs $79 a year that gives you free 2 day shipping and $3.99 overnight shipping.

Sep. 16th, 2010



Finally... people who don't just have BABIES!!

It took me a minute to find a parenting forum that didn't discuss breastfeeding and homemade baby food!

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Sep. 11th, 2010




How old were people's kids when they learned to ride bikes? Did you teach them, did someone else teach them, or did they just pick it up on their own?

I'm just asking because I'm thinking that maybe I will need to teach my older kids to bike ride. They're eight and a half and nearly seven, and despite having bikes available to them since they were little they've just never picked it up. WIth summer approaching I was thinking that bike riding would be a fun activity, but I don't want to push them to do something if it's unlikely to work or stress them unduly. They've also outgrown the bikes with training wheels, so they'd have to learn without that assistance I think.

Jun. 15th, 2010



(no subject)

I'll be watching an 8yo and a 11yo for the summer.  Both girls.  They're my cousins girls and I haven't seen them in a couple of years because they moved out of state.  I babysat them for the summer when they were 3 and 6, so I know how to handle them.  But, my husband reminded me that the one girl is an 11yo preteen, who may possibly be into boys by now.  Also, I have a 5yo and an 8yo, so I'm not used to her age at all.  I had this problem when I watched them before.  I didn't know how to handle a 6yo at the time.  I had no idea what I could/couldn't allow her to do and basically made her stay inside all summer because I didn't want her out there alone.  And I couldn't handle taking two 3 year olds and a 6 month old outside all the time.   I admit, I was in way over my head back then, especially when you add on the PPD I had.  

So, this time around I want to be prepared.  How do I handle an almost 12 year old girl?  Aside from her age, she's used to being alone and being allowed to do whatever she wants, as her mother leaves them alone from 4am to 11am 5 days a week and while she goes out drinking 1-2 nights a week.  Her mother's also the type to encourage them them to be sexy.  So, her interest in being sexy and being around boys may be heightened.  

How much freedom can I give this little girl?  I remember being 12 and I was allowed to pretty much go wherever I pleased.  But I'm pretty nervous, as we have a few boys, around her age, in the neighborhood that are also allowed to go wherever they want. 

Keeping her busy outside of the house isn't too much of an option.  I don't have a lot of money to take 4 children out of the house on a daily basis to keep them busy.  I can take the others to the playground, but I don't think she'll be as interested in that.  I also have season passes to our local amusement park for my children.  I can have my aunt (their grandmother, who they'll be staying with for the summer)  get them season passes also, but then I have to worry about an almost 12 year old at an amusement park.  I'd image at that age, I'd let my own children run off with their friends and have them meet me back at a certain place/time, but I'm not too sure I could do that with her.  

Really, I'm not too sure about any of it.  So, again, what the hell do you do with a preteen in the summer?  How much freedom should I allow her?     

She lived here in Pennsylvania her whole life, until about 3 years ago, when she moved down to Florida.  She'll be staying with her grandmother for the summer and I'll be watching her from about 7am to 4pm monday-friday while her grandmother works.  She does have friends in the area, but I'll have to discuss with her grandmother what she is/isn't allowed to do with them.   

May. 16th, 2010


Now I feel like I can breath!

I have posted here just a few times asking for advise regarding my daughter who has a learning disability. She is currently in 4th grade and struggles with math.  We had the end of yr IEP meeting at her school last week and what a change! 

She started the yr reading at a 3rd grade level and is finishing at a 6th grade level!  Can you say progress!? Holly cow!  Even her teacher was surprised at the improvement.

Her math was at a 2nd grade level and is finishing at a third grade level. We will continue to work with her over the summer & hope to bring it closer to grade level. 

All in all, we are celebrating the little victories as they come.

Just wanted to share some good news for us & say thanks to everyone who gave advise before.  Of course, only time will tell if the improvements will continue.

Mar. 18th, 2010



(no subject)

Kid #1 (10) has a persistent bully issue. The bully attacks a lot of the boys in their grade because they're friends with a specific girl on whom G's been fixated for a couple of years. Granted, my kid's not getting beat up (he generally wins) but he is having to fight this child on a fairly regular basis and it's getting old. The school is well aware of the problem, and they have suspended the other boy. A lot. But, G's parents are about as useful as damp paper towels when it comes to enforcing any kind of restrictions, so I'm pretty sure G thinks suspension = vacation. Aside from "Hit him harder" I don't really have any idea what to tell my kid to do, since he's fought back, it has been reported, and yet G keeps coming back for more. I'm well aware that G has some major home/emotional issues, but I'm at a point that I don't care about him as much as I care about my kid's well-being. I know the school is doing their best, but there's only so much they can do when the parents are willing to handwave obsessive violent behavior. Suggestions?

Mar. 12th, 2010


Searching for a pen pal for an 12 year old boy.

I'm looking for a penpal for my nephew.

He is a super sweet, sensitive and caring kid. He loves to write letters to his Great Grandma in Idaho and she writes back but really, there is only so much he can say to her! My daughter found a pen pal on this site and ever since then, he's really wanted to have one, too!

He's not picky about if it is a boy or a girl, nor does he care about background. He'd just like to find a buddy to correspond with via snail mail.

He is very reliable and I can promise that he'll make a super pen pal!

About Josh:

-12 years old
-2nd of 6 children.
-4 brothers (3 living w/him), one baby sister.
-Has two pet hermit crabs.
-Favorite color is scarlet.
-Likes to explore new places.
-Loves roller coasters.
-Likes video games.
-Likes to collect miniature things (recently started a miniature teapot collection).

If you think your kiddo would be a good fit, let me know!!!

Feb. 22nd, 2010



Birthday parties


I have a quick question that is probably very subjective, but I wanted to get a kind of general idea:
What age is it generally expected for a child to attend a birthday party without his/her parent?

My daughter is in the second grade and has been invited to a classmate's in-home birthday party. The timing is a bit awkward for us on the day, so the only way my daughter can attend is if we drop her off and pick her up. I was going to call and ask if that was cool, but I just wanted to know, beforehand, if it would be more of a cursory check, or a request that may be inappropriate or even rude. We're in Southern California, if regional etiquette is important here. :)

Thank you for any help on one of those weird questions of parenting. Back in my day, I was running wild and independent in the Care Bear party hats back in first grade, but oh what different times were those.

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