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user_9999 in big_kids

weapon in school?

Can a 3.5 inch screwdriver brought to school by 7 years old first grader be considered a weapon?


I think it depends on the school and their policies. I am sure there are districts where it would be considered a weapon, but I think that sort of thing is determined on a district by district basis.

Kids do dumb things all the time using items for things they arent intended to be used for.

Just a risk that doesnt need to be there.
Yes, unless there's a good reason to bring it, e.g. required for use in a particular lesson. IMHO.
it depends on the district, but in our school district it would be.
I'm pretty sure anything that can be used to injure another child that is not a school requirement (i.e., pencil, ruler etc..) is considered a weapon. A few years back a kindergartener used his thumb and pointer finger to mimic shooting a gun at a classmate, and the boy was expelled. Absolutely ridiculous in my opinion, but schools are going to extremes b/c of all the school shootings. So my guess is the screwdriver would be considered a weapon.