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children exploitation? Its events like this that assist in the 'human trafficiting'!!! What I dont understand is why CPS doesnt get involved in this?!




This is how human trafficking happens! Im just DISGUSTED!!! That's all! Its emotional abuse! Your right, CPS deals with stuff they can only see on the outside. Its sick!!
actually, CPS deals with emotional abuse as well.
well, unfortunately, not in my state. my son is being emotionally abused every day by his dad, who he lives with, 3 hrs from me. I have talked to cps about this, but they can only deal with the physical conditions of the child. They did not show any caring of the verbal abuse my boy has to endure every day.

I also disagree with it being emotional abuse. My little girl would love to wear this for halloween (or even a pageant if we did them). Now, if she wanted to dress like a little princess with long flowy hair and I kept her with a fade and only jeans, boy's t-shirts, and sneakers I might call it emotional abuse, to a certain extent. But putting them in something they want to wear, whether it's trashy or not, is not abuse.
I guess I just believe more in like something of a 'photo' contest. Telling a little toddler that someone else is prettier than her, no matter how hard her and her mother worked is what I call mind damaging... and 90% chance that if she can afford it when she's older, she wont be able to stop with nip&tucks.
I actually found clips of behind the scenes of the specific pageant I was talking about. Most of the little girls were NOT into what the moms were making them do. They were crying, begging their moms to stop. That's the kind of crap Im talking about with emotional abuse. NOT a fun, happy, lets get dressed up for a party deal. fyi. =-(
I'm very passionate about human trafficking, and I don't think much of Toddlers and Tiaras, but I don't think one has all that much to do with the other.
ya, i understand your perspective on just a 'Tiara' event, but here is more info on what Im talking about... dressing up your 5 yr old as a hooker as in the movie 'Pretty Woman', giving your little baby 'boobs', to look like Dolly Parton, dress up your baby as a sex tease dancer in the movie 'Burlesque', giving your little child a 'cone bra' to imitate Madonna from the performance 'like a virgin, youve touched me for the very first time'...get my drift? *winks*
I disagree with the practice, but I think there are some far, far bigger issues involved than the fancy dress practices of westerners.
yes, i agree to a point. My biggest fear is the 'human trafficking' problem in this country. An event like this will draw in the attention of those terrible people!!
draw in the attention of...human traffickers? that you think will be lurking around the local middle school hosting a beauty pageant? Those kids have their stage-parents so stuck to them, it's not really likely that they will be swept away to be sold. Not downplaying the human trafficking issue, but pageants are not really prime spots to pick up kiddos from.
you should watch the movie, 'human trafficking'. You'll be surprise what you'll learn. Its a true story with all real fact of what happened, and I learned ALLOT from this movie!

from reading the synopsis, it doesn't appear that stage moms and pageants are fueling the industry. I get it that you are passionate about it and all, but I'm still not seeing the connection.
if you watch the movie, it will come to you. The connection I can reveal to you that comes from what I saw, is that there can be a predator that comes to those shows. They dont need to kidnap a child right there in public where they are being caught, they are smart. Some of these predators even have connections, that once they find a target they want, they WILL find out about them, where they live, all about them. Its when the competition is over and they all go home to their normal lives, if such a thing from a pageant such as this, is when the predator will strike.

Does that help at all?
using that logic, a predator can strike based on a multitude of things. They could see a child in a grocery store or a park or playing in their own yard and find out about them, where they live, etc.

I believe in being aware, but not living my life in fear of what might lurk around every corner.
i agree, but, you dont see children dressed like hookers and flaunting what only adults should flaunt, as these pageants do. I used to think they were the cutest things... these pageants used to be based on how 'cute' a little girl could look, nauturally AND based on a talent. Its just going too far now..in my opinion.
most pedophiles are not drawn to the 'adult' look on a child..they are drawn to the child look. Same with people who would steal a child for trafficking...they want the "child" look.

again, I do understand your concern and passion, but there are a lot of other places that predators lurk to find children.
while human trafficking is indeed horrible, I am pretty sure the pageant parents are so locked in on their kids, it's really unlikely that they are the cause or effect of human trafficking.

Yes, it's odd, and no, I wouldn't do it with my kids/grandkids, but overall, it's just another part of some people's lives.
Am I the only one who thinks dreamweaver523's choice of icon in this discussion is hilarious?