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gaming_momma in big_kids

Playground Bully

 My kids play across the street at the school playground a lot in the summertime. It's not the school my kids go to so I don't know many of the kids. We've had a few small instances before but nothing horrible. Someone tried to take my son's scooter and basketball. I scared em off and same with a kid who was swearing at the kids. But now we have a problem. There is a Grade A bully. He started by breaking my son's water gun on the pavement. Threw his baseballs on the school roof. And more recently punched him in the mouth.  I just found out about all of this when he tried to hide his fat lip telling me he had a cold sore. My son is 8. My daughter is 10 and said the same kid has been mean to her and taken or broken her things. Apparently all the kids they know at the playground are too scared to stand up to him, except for 1 6th grader who isn't always there. The bully is 7 btw. So now its my turn to confront him. His mother is never around. Otherwise I would just talk to her. My mother and my FIL said I should just call the cops and really scare him straight. But I don't know if I wanna go that far. What would you do?


I have talked to my son and told him when its summertime and not school time, go ahead and hit the kid back. Defend yourself! We are pretty laid back here. Most parents trust their kids to play at the playground. So no one is up in arms that there's an unsupervised kid out there. There's about 20 kids and this one little jerk screwing it up for everyone. I am going to talk to the 2 other moms I know. My mom and I were talking this afternoon about the safety in numbers idea. So I think I will have a talk with the kids about that. come Monday when they are back playing I'm gonna get the ball rolling.