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nuit_s_mom in big_kids

So after all the fights and struggles we have been through over the years, my daughter has "B" in all her subjects! Yes it is still a fight to get homework done, studying for tests & projects but things feel like they are falling into place a bit more then before.

Of course we still stumble. Just found out she has a test on Monday that was not written in the book.  So in going through her book bag & finding work that should have been turned in last week, we start again in the morning. A clean book bag and and another chance to get it right.

I find myself thinking 1 step forward & 10 back. How much longer until it is better? Where is the magic wand when I need it most? What else can I do?

I look at her face & how hard she tries and think, it will get better when it gets better no matter how long it takes.  Celebrate the successes & do not dwell on the failures, they only bring you down.

So if anyone would like to join me now & then in preforming a happy dance to celebrate the good times, then put on some music, kick off your shoes & dance like no one is watching! 

Just my thoughts.


we get a project every two weeks and it can be hard, plus homework, but you are doing the best you can. Checking the bag for notices is a must hahahha
*dances, absolutely*

Thank you for this. :) My daughter's nearly finished her third year at school (including the prep year) and she's still struggling so much with her reading. She's been getting intensive assistance at school, but at home it's like pulling teeth to get her homework done. I feel like she's falling further and further behind because a ten minute worksheet will take an hour.

She's getting there, though, and she's keeping her head above water. Only just, but it's the little things. Last year it took nine months to learn the word 'the'. This year she's gone from functionally illiterate to being able to read books at nearly half the level of the other kids. We're getting there. :)